Evergreen Public Schools

Art Discovery Program

The Art Discovery Program provides Evergreen elementary (K-5) students with an opportunity to explore great art in the classroom, by using fine art reproductions.  The goal of the program is to expose students to different types of art and art techniques and to teach them Basic Elements and Principles of Art.

Looking at and talking about art encourages thinking skills: observing, remembering, comparing, questioning and making choices. Learning about art helps students to form and verbalize their own ideas, which cultivates creative thinking as well as language ability. Great art has always enriched people’s lives. Volunteers, as well as the students, have great experiences during Art Discovery time!

Parent volunteers teach a monthly, theme-based lesson and complete a related art project with the students.

Art topics change each month: some months the focus is on a specific artist and some months a type of art or art movement is studied.

Volunteers are always welcome!  If you are interested or know someone that might be…please don’t hesitate to contact the Evergreen Public Schools Art Discovery Coordinator, Karin Rivera at [email protected]

Each school has an Art Coordinator – please contact us if you need help to find your school’s Art Discovery coordinator.

Ideally, every classroom would have one or two volunteers. Challenges of the program are: developing a working relationship with a new teacher each year, encouraging students to think in new ways and try new art materials, creating a safe environment for kids to express themselves, coming up with fun and inexpensive projects that are interesting to children and finding and maintaining quality materials. The topics are set for the year and each month each school rotates the “packet” of art reproductions from school to school through the district pony system.

The program is meant to be a very enriching experience for both the volunteer and the classroom: enjoy bringing art into an elementary classroom today!